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Stickin’ It to the Man


The one good thing about writing a blog with very small readership is that few people, most likely nobody, notices when a week goes by without a new post. Which is what happened last week. Friday came and went, and I plumb forgot to post anything. But I didn’t forget this week. So I’m sharing my little revelation for how to give the middle finger to the machine of consumerism (I’ve never actually flipped anybody off, but this seems justified). Over the past few years, and more in depth in the last few weeks, I’ve been reading and researching how eating locally can help defeat the man, whoever that is. I used to think of “him” as the government playing Big Brother, but along with many fellow citizens, I’m beginning to think of “him” more as the much publicized of late 1% (ie those greedy CEO’s of mega-corporations, who control the government by puppeteering politicians who appear to run things when they actually don’t at all- or something along those lines).

Anyway, whoever “he” is, collectives like the Slow Food Movement, Locavores and Edible Communities, who encourage buying food locally, really piss him off. And if enough people joined in, we could actually put a sizable dent in his power and provide people with more meaningful jobs that directly benefit their own community. I admit, I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little late here as evidenced by the voluminous books written about the subject like Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan (click here for a more complete list) as well as documentaries such as Food Fight and Food, Inc., not to mention all my friends and acquaintances, who are much smarter than me, and have already been eating locally for years. I have always agreed with the idea in theory, yet have never put it into practice. But as the whole Occupy uproar keeps gaining momentum, and I keep wondering what little old me can do to take down Goliath, I’m convinced now is the time to start doing small practical things that I can feel good about at the end of the day.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m going to try my hand at composting and growing a little heirloom garden and only buying fresh produce from our community farmer’s markets. Mainly because I no longer want to consume products that the media tells me to and has programmed me to want. I will not drink their Koolaid anymore (I say, as I slam the keys on my Macbook Pro)! And taking a stand to eat locally seems to be as good a way as any to start. And besides all of that, it’s better for my health, the health of the environment and promotes ethical treatment of animals raised for food. As part of this new leaf, I’m trying as much as possible, without being “that” person who makes Aunt Edna feel bad when she brings out the meatloaf she slaved over all day only to discover her very own niece won’t even try it, to avoid meat of which I don’t know its origin. This includes under what conditions the animals were raised and how they were killed. I blame this mainly on a 30 second trailer I saw for a documentary called Earthlings. If you can’t live without your Big Mac fix, DON’T watch this film. It is gut wrenching. Horrifying.

I will keep you posted on how my transformation into a locavore progresses. I think it might be a long road for someone whose bean sprout was the first to die in kindergarten and who generally doesn’t like to spend more than ten minutes preparing a meal, but a worthwhile one to travel down nonetheless.

6 Responses to “Stickin’ It to the Man”

  1. Nicely done. Congrats on starting a garden! If you need any pointers or locally grown seedlings let me know ;) my dad’s always got something going. I will tell you (don’t think it’s heirloom) but it’s almost impossible to kill cherry tomatoes. :) Love ya! Go girl!

  2. totally agree with what you are doing–I’m going to try my hardest to shop only at responsible local stores if I have to–farmers markets are where its at. I’m glad more people are putting the effort in!

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